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(For obvious reasons, Car Security System, Anti-Theft, Anti-Car Theft Devices, High Tech Car Security Gadgets, Latest Technology in Vehicle Security System, Vehicle Locator System, Car Tracking System, GPS Tracking Devices, GPRS and Internet-Based Car Security and Vehicle Locator / Tracking System, Chat Monitoring Services, Email Monitoring Services, Remote Audio Monitoring Services, Remote Video Monitoring Services, Eaves Dropping via the Internet, GSM or GPRS, SIM Card Monitoring Services, SIM Locator, SIM Location Tracking Services, Live Calls Monitoring Services, Call Intercept, Monitoring of Cellular Phone's Live Calls, SMS Monitoring Services, Text Interceptors, Text Monitoring Services and similar / related technologies should not be advertised.)

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Title of this Site: anti-carnapping device, anti-theft, email monitoring, sms monitoring, live calls monitoring, vehicle location tracking, people finder, people tracking, asset protection, high technology solutions to high technology crimes

Site Description: Anti-Carnapping Device, Anti-Car Theft: Online Reputation Management, Internet Reputation Monitoring, Online Reputation Protection Services for Charlie Atong Ang, Elo Escueta, Placewell International, Maria Hazel Ann Solis, MHAC Travel and Tours, Sen. Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos

Posted under: anti-car theft, anti-carnapping device, email monitoring, sms monitoring, live calls monitoring, vehicle location tracking, people finder, people tracking, asset protection.


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Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr. also owns Cyber Crime Complaint Center and Internet Crime Complaint Center which cater
to Corporate, Business, Family or Personal Solutions to Cyber Crimes, Internet Crimes,
High Tech Crimes or Crimes involving the world wide web, the Internet or High Tech Software and Gadgets.

Cyber Crime Complaint Center and Inter Crime Complaint Center also specializes in Search Engine
Positioning Services (SEP), Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), High Search Engine Ranking Services, and
Internet Cyber Reputation Services  to beat the negative publicities (bad P.R. campaigns, trial by publicity)
proliferating the Internet and the worldwide web, de-list the malicious blogs from various search engines,
delete or suspend the libelous articles and malicious blog sites to prevent further damage to your good name,
reputation and social status and that of your business.

Kudos to our friends Eleonor Elo Escueta of Placewell International Services Corporation,
Engr. Josefino David of the Filipino Innovators Credit Cooperative and Yas Muralla , advocator of alternative health medicines.

This Site features Anti-Carnapping Device, ACD, Anti-Theft Devices, High Tech Car Alarm and Security System,
Email Monitoring Services, Chat Monitoring Services, Internet Monitoring Services, SMS Monitoring Services,
Live Calls Monitoring Services, SIM Location Tracking Services, People Finder, Asset Security Systems,
Vehicle Locator Systems, Latest Vehicle and/or Car Alarm and Security System.
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