Urinary Track Infection

In one of her lectures, Yas Muralla discussed about UTI or Urninary Tract Infection, also known as Bladder Infection. Yas Muralla explains that UTI is simply the infection of the urinary tract. Sometimes UTI, if not treated early may also infect the kidneys.
UTI may affect both male and female, however is more common on females. Symptoms for this disease may vary depending on your gender and age, however the most common are:
1) pain or burning sensation when you urinate.
2) When you want to urinate more often, but the amount of urine is less than the usual.
3) When your urine is cloudy or pungent.

In severe cases, it causes

1) Pains at the back where your kidneys are.
2) Fever and chills, or even vomiting.

According to Yas Muralla, there are so many natural ways for the treatment of UTI, but she will focus on these very simple natural and home remedies for treatment and prevention.
1) Drinking plenty of water is the very first thing that you need. Try drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water a day.
2) Drinking water with Baking Soda (1 teaspoon in a glass of water two to three times a day). This will increase the balance of the acid-base in the acidic urine.
3) Cranberry Juice.
4) Pineapple fruit contains enzymes that have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce UTI symptoms.
5) Vitamin C increase the regular intake of your vitamin C, as vitamin C keeps your bladder healthy.

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